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Patchnotes Season 3

01 Okt 2019 16:24 #1 von TF_Xilion
Patchnotes Season 3 wurde erstellt von TF_Xilion
Ahoi Apexianer!

Dreißt aus dem Subreddit geklaut ;)

Charge Rifle
  • Energy sniper, takes Extended Energy Mag, Scope and Sniper Stock as attachments
  • Works similarly to alt-fire Havoc, except consumes 1 ammo per shot, deals much more damage, and...
  • The initial targeting laser deals small damage before the powerful hit. Up to 75 damage per shot (body)
  • Some footage of the Charge Rifle here
  • Disruptor Rounds removed
  • Skullpiercer Rifling removed
  • Double Tap: Fires 2 shots in rapid succession with every trigger pull. For the G7 Scout and the Eva-8 Shotgun. (Purple)
  • Anvil Reciever: Makes semi auto shots do more damage, with a slower rate of
    fire and uses two ammo. For the R-301 and VK47-Flatline. (Gold)
Legend Changes (not 100% confirmed)
  • Pathfinder's grapple has been altered. The grapple itself moves slower and the delay
    before Pathfinder moves toward it is longer. (it's only very slight,
    but will require relearning of timing)
  • Characters inside Gibraltar's Dome Shield have reduced ability cooldown time.
  • Gibraltar and Bangalore's Ultimate damage incrased
  • Bloodhound's Ultimate duration increased
Item Changes
  • Golden Backpack perk changed to Guardian Angel: Revived allies have increased shields and health when you revive them (50 shields and 70 health on revive)
  • Golden Body Shield takes the old Fast Use perk from the backpack
Gun Changes
  • Longbow fire rate reverted to pre-S2 buff
  • Longbow and Wingman base headshot damage adjusted to around Skullpiercer level
  • R99 Level 3 magazine sized reduced from 30 to 27
  • L-Star has a new optic for clearer aiming, as well as increased projectile size
  • All-around shotgun buff, projectile size is larger
Viel Spaß in Season 3!

Gruß Xilion
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